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Neal's Hairy Ass Hot Sauce

Introducing the spicy sensation of Neal's Hairy Ass Hot Sauce. Light the flavorful fuse on your taste buds and feel the heat that hurts-so-good. Neal's Hairy Ass Hot Sauce is the product of a quest. A quest for heat and flavor. Neal developed this sauce at Cisco's Cafe. Over the 20 years that Cisco's has been serving the best Mexican food in Miami, Neal's Hairy Ass has been making people happy (they also like his sauce). This is just the first in a new and exciting line of Mexican products you can enjoy as much at home as you have over the years at Cisco's Cafe. Remember to order your next bottle BEFORE your current bottle is finished. In some minds (like Neal,and his Mom & Dad), it's a sin to run out of Neal's Hairy Ass Hot Sauce.

Neal's Hairy Ass Hot Sauce

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